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Protecting the institution of our Public Education is paramount.  The educational system in our country is based on assuring that generation to generation, we share knowledge and development
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Jobs and the Economy

We all need jobs, we all want a better economy. Where does it start? Opportunity! First off education, we talked about the importance of education and my stance on making sure that public education is protected, strengthened and preserved.
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Government Accountability

Are you like me? Do you think that the Government has kind of forgotten why it’s there? Government is there to work for people. Plain and simple.
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One look around and it’s pretty easy to see that our infrastructure in the area needs some help. Our roads are in need of repair, our bridges need attention and those are just the easily visible issues.
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Our healthcare system is out of reach for so many. We spend vast amounts of resources on wasteful things and then we can’t help people when it comes to their, or their kid’s health? How can we have lost track of this?
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Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens have put their time in. They have contributed their part and have done so in good faith with the belief that what they paid in, will be there for them now.
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Anyone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us should be given front of the line status anywhere. To think that bureaucracy and red tape stands in the way of anyone needing help post service is unacceptable.
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Our Environment

We live in one of the most amazing areas on Earth. We are surrounded by the world’s largest fresh water supply and our land is rich in agriculture and bounty.
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Women’s Issues

I am a product of a strong woman. I too, am surrounded by women who are leaders in their field and I believe firmly that women should be on an equal field.
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The War on Drugs

We have a problem. Opioids have become a deadly crutch and have led to an epidemic of addiction like we’ve never seen. From my perspective, there is nothing more dangerous and addictive than heroin and, by injection or by prescription derivatives, it has grabbed our people by the throat.
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Equality for All

We are all different, but we are all one. We need to focus more on accepting what makes all of us unique and how our individual strengths add up to our collective power. 
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State House District 91, Michigan

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