Jobs and the Economy

We all need jobs, we all want a better economy. Where does it start?

Opportunity! First off education, we talked about the importance of education and my stance on making sure that public education is protected, strengthened and preserved. Education should lead to the opportunities that tomorrow’s workers will need.

We need to make sure the chances are there for them to learn with a degree or a skilled trade. We also need to take a look at what people make and the impact it has on business. If a worker is insecure in his or her wage, it’s going to cause instability in the workplace. Meaning a high rate of turnover and loss of production which will in turn cost the employer more. If people are worried about paying for child care, housing, food or transportation, they cannot focus on their job. It’s a good business practice to ensure those helping you that they are valuable and their time and job is appreciated.

In the long run, a better wage paid will result in a stronger bottom line and more loyal employees. Helping business see the strength they gain and finding ways to help business succeed while paying a better wage will be a priority.

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