We need to bring the educational opportunities to the entire area that can help our young people...


We've come a long way since I got here in 1998.  We truly have some momentum going and now, we need to assure this community that it’s not just all talk.

We need to protect and strenghten their wages. Prevailing wages set the tone for what people should make, especially when it comes to skilled trades which we desperately need more of. Skilled hands learning sustainable jobs that can build futures and families that can in turn make Muskegon home and build community. We need to bring the educational opportunities to the entire area that can help our young people who wish to go to college do that, but those who wish to become involved in the skilled trades a clear path to success as well. I think that the right to work laws have been an erosion of a once robust workforce and I think too that we’ve seen an economic and social decline from it. 

As wages have dropped, hours have gotten longer. People have had to take on second and sometimes third jobs to maintain the very basics at home. Our kids have suffered from parents being away from the home to try and meet the basic needs.  We need to focus on fixing our own problems, taking responsibility for what we have and where we are heading. 

We also need to realize that while Muskegon is a group of communities, we are all stronger together.  If one of our local municipalities is struggling, we all are.  The idea of "that's their problem" is not an option.  We all need to act as one while maintaining the unique neighborhoods we have and finding ways that we can all work together for the betterment of the whole.


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